Heel and Foot Pain


Improperly designed footwear, lack of proper exercises and structural problems such as flat foot are common causes leading to very common complaint of painful heel. Common sites are inner aspect of walking surface of sole or over back end of heel . The pain is more pronounced after initiating movement after period of rest such as after getting up in mornings. it is usually caused by degenerative tears of tendon or inflammation of tendon bone junction or bursa surrounding these areas.

Proper exercises to strengthen foot muscles. Footwear modifications or orthotic supports in shoes and anti-inflammatory medications relieve pain in majority of patients

Sometimes persistent ankle pain is caused by cartilage degeneration caused by repeated twisting of ankle which are infrequently diagnosed as recurrent sprains and even MRI may be unable to diagnose them

Rare cases of recalcitrant heel and foot conditions require surgical release of torn tendons or fascia. Arthroscopy offers a method to diagnose and treat simultaneously cartilage lesions in ankle joints

Dr. Dave has the requisite expertise and experience and experience in managing these difficult and rare cases where conservative treatment is unable to provide relief.