Sports Injuries & Arthroscopy

Sports injuries are injuries occurring in athletic activities. They can result from acute trauma or overuse of particular part or limb. These injuries can also occur during day to day activities such as twisting of ankle or knee while walking or climbing up or down stairs, falls at home or from height, fights or road traffic accidents. Both bony injuries such as fracture or dislocations and soft tissue injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendon tears or tendinitis , fasciitis, bursitis can occur due to these injuries. Some injuries are missed by non specialists particularly when X-rays are normal and patient continues to complain of persistent pain or instability in joint following these injuries. Some common injuries requiring specialist consultation for various joints are as follows

  • Knee - ACL , PCL, Meniscus injuries and cartilaginous injuries following twisting of the knee
  • Ankle- Grade III sprains or chondral injuries following twisting of ankle.
  • Shoulder- Recurrent dislocations or subtle instabilities ,SLAP lesions and rotator cuff tears
  • Wrist - DRUJ lesions, TFCC tears or various wrist instabilities
  • Hand- Collateral ligament injuries , tendon avulsions or tears in fingers or thumb

Arthroscopy surgery (key hole surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which an endoscope is passed to visualize the joint through small incisions of less than one centimeter and specialized surgical instruments are passed through one or more smaller incisions to perform diagnostic and therapeutic surgical procedures. It is used mainly in larger joints such as knee and shoulder but can be used in other joints requiring even finer and more specialized instruments and surgical skills. Common surgical procedures performed in knee are Meniscus excision or repair , ACL or PCL reconstructions, management of chondral injuries . In shoulder arthroscopy can be done to treat recurrent dislocations of shoulder, SLAP tears and Rotator cuff tears. Dr Dave specializes in these kinds of surgical procedures for management of above mentioned problems